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Proven to reduce the number of court appearances, Parent Coordination services can make a significant difference in the process of working towards a healthy co-parenting relationship. Whether court-ordered or voluntary,  conflictual parents can achieve success in making or adjusting parenting plans and navigating parenting decisions. Parent Coordinators use a hybrid approach of mediation and psychotherapeutic techniques to lead to the best possible outcomes for children of high-conflict parents.

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Some of the most difficult cases a helping professional can encounter is a high-conflict divorce case. Many of our usual interventions can actually worsen these situations. A nuanced, knowledgeable, and cautious response is essential to protect both the client and the therapist. Regular case consultation can make the difference between peace of mind or a liability claim. Before signing up for a case consultation, I highly recommend this comprehensive training first: NAVIGATING HIGH CONFLICT DIVORCE & CUSTODY CASES

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As a certified forensic interviewer, a former paralegal, a judicially established expert witness in both child welfare and divorce/custody, and a 20 year veteran of child welfare services, Courtney Fields McVey, LCSW offers expertise that can unravel the most complex cases and help attorneys, judges, and other professionals sift through information that may otherwise leave them guessing at protecting a child's best interest.



Custody decisions are one of the most important and impactful decisions that courts have to make. Oftentimes, there are so many complex variables, this decision may require the assistance of an unbiased third party to conduct a  comprehensive evaluation of both parties, along with collateral contacts, and children themselves. Though a stressful and time-consuming process, the benefit of such evaluations is seen in the thorough investigation of all allegations and a resolution based on research, best practices, and most importantly, the best interest of children. **Must be court-ordered.

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