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About Me. About Divorce and Drama. 

One day I was a precocious 15 year old creating a personalized "future divorce prevention plan," and seemingly the next day I was in my 20th year as a professional and being called an expert in divorce and child custody by judges and attorneys. In the blink of an eye, my childhood front row seat to multiple divorces, my own divorce, and my professional expertise intertwined and I found my purpose. This trifecta first led to the creation of the Divorce Resource Center of Georgia, Inc, a one-stop organization for divorce support services for the whole family. The feedback from professionals and clients was consistent--"I wish more people knew about this." "THIS" is the concept of the DRAMA TRIANGLE--I truly believe that understanding this concept will revolutionize the divorce/child custody world. Knowing how to stay out of it is not only doable, but necessary to your peace of mind--whether you navigate this world as a professional or personally or both. 


214 1/2 A 10th Street Columbus, GA

(706) 389-8191

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