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Child Custody Litigation

Child Custody Litigation

Family Law judges are tasked with making life-changing decisions for families and children. These decisions are guided by a set of legal standards in the law known as "best interest of children." These standards vary somewhat from state to state, but for the most part are universal and idealistic. Sadly, the very nature of child custody litigation means that the likelihood of a child custody decision that is "idealistic" is slim. One of the barriers to making child custody decisions, especially in complex family situations, is that there is not a set of standard "best practices" for adhering to the best interest standards, creating room for more subjectivity and less objectivity in decisions. This course will increase your knowledge of best practicies for promoting best interest standards from the perspective of a child welfare expert/divorced mother/child of divorce. 

*Purchase of Know Divorce Drama training for individuals, mental health professionals, or legal professionals required for add-on trainings. 

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